Holographic 3D Television

Holographic display is well known as the ultimate 3D display. We have launched research projects on the holographic 3D television (or Holo-video) at 1990.

This display system is originally developed at MIT Spatial Imaging Group.

Photo of the display system(220KB)

Outlines of main reserch projects

1. Data compression for holographic 3-D images

Since information content of a hologram is too huge, data compression is very important to realize a practical electro-holographic display system. We have investigated the block sub-sampling method and interpolation for sub-sampled data. Applying the 2-D image compression to holograms is also investigated.

2. High speed generation algorithm for holograms

High speed hologram generation is essential for interactive holographic 3-D display. We are studying orthogonal transform and other algorithms to obtain high quality holograms on the fly.